Saturday, November 26, 2005

Offbeat news

Headlines you might not see

Japanese Firm Sniffs Out New Opportunities on the Internet
(Agence France Presse)
Moving beyond the monopoly of sight and touch in the computer world, a Japanese company is offering a service to download aromatic scents at a click of a button.

Friday Work Meetings May Mask Love Trysts (Reuters)
Employers be warned: workers who schedule Wednesday meetings are potentially going to a job interview and regular Friday afternoon meetings could be an excuse for a rendezvous with their lover.

Cabbie Finds $350,000 in Diamonds (Associated Press)
Haider Sediqi didn't give much thought to the small, zippered pouch that a passenger forgot in his taxicab when he got out at Los Angeles International Airport.

With thanks to Agence France Presse, Reuters and The Associated Press.


Trucker Bob said...

Aha! Now we know why you're late getting home on Fridays. ;-)

Deb S. said...

Oh, no, you didn't, Bob. Oh, no, you didn't! OK, buddy. Now it's on! LOL