Thursday, November 24, 2005

Offbeat news

Headlines you might not see

Man Seeking Taxi Hops Into Police Car (Associated Press)
A night of drinking left a man so disoriented that he hopped into a police patrol car thinking it was a taxi.

Girls Trash Kansas School Art Room (Associated Press)
Police in Salina say two students dumped paint, crayons, body lotion and glue in a school art room.

About 56 Cats Recovered from D.C. Home (Associated Press)
About 56 cats were recovered from a Northeast Washington home where authorities said the animals were being hoarded.

Pardoned Turkey Is Going to Disneyland (Associated Press)
President Bush maked his traditional pardon of a Thanksgiving turkey. But this bird didn't head to some petting zoo. It's going to Disneyland.

With appreciation to The Associated Press.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Alina said...

Police car, cab, both are different from the ordinary cars, thus...

As for the turkey, I want to go to Disnayland as well! :D

Happy Thanksgiving

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

OMG, where *od* you get these. They are hilarious.

Wanted to also wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.