Monday, November 21, 2005

Microsoft pursues the X-factor

Xbox 360 premieres Tuesday

With Microsoft's much-anticipated Xbox 360 making its formal debut Tuesday, look for the battle for control between the new video game console and Sony's Playstation machine. Industry watchers and gaming fans are looking to see if the new release will take a bite out of Sony's market dominance in the $30-billion US video gaming industry.

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is ambitious about his new product and is taking an active role in the new release. According to Gates, Xbox 360 is at the center of a strategy that will also eventually tie in elements of Microsoft's new online initiative, called Windows Live. More from the Associated Press/L.A. Times and Forbes.

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letter shredder said...

whoa!!! toys! toys! toys!

Deb S. said...

Toys, indeed, Letter Shredder! I'm keeping an eye on Xbox. If Bill Gates' strategy is successful - that is, taking this video game console past mere gaming - we may see a new evolution in how technology is integrated. Stay tuned.