Thursday, November 03, 2005

Media news at a glance

NBC launches "Sleuth" channel; Google tells writers and booksellers not to fear new project

NBC Universal Cable is launching a new 24-hour cable network in January devoted to crime, mystery, and suspense, Mediaweek reports. The new network, Sleuth, will draw on NBC Universal's library of film and television titles and will be available, at least initially, to Time Warner Cable's 5.2 million digital subscribers.

Meanwhile, Google is reaching out to writers and booksellers who are suspicious of the Internet giant's new print project. Google wants to scan all the books in the stacks of several of the world's major research libraries to make these books searchable online. But lawsuits are threatening to shut the project down. Forbes has the latest on the showdown.

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Trucker Bob said...

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Deb S. said...

Yeah, you work on it, Bob. There will be a pop quiz. That's what you get for coming on my site with "attitude." LOL