Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In Step with "Life Is Hilarious"

Jaimie, the nice girl with an edge

There is something about Jaimie, writer of "Life Is Hilarious," that draws you into her world immediately. She's a great storyteller. Lord only knows how Jaimie comes up with these tales! But there's always a twist to them - something unexpected - especially from a laid-back, California blogger - an teacher with impeccable manners. Her philosophy is simple: "Laugh. Live. Learn."

Need to take a break from the craziness of the day? Deadlines got you down? Spend a few minutes hanging out with Jaimie as she talks about her fifteen minutes of fame(?).

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Shirazi said...

Yes, she is sure "worthy of an eye roll."

Deb S. said...

Yes, Shirazi. The subject of Jaimie's post is "worthy of an eye roll." :-)

defiant goddess said...

That is a great blog. Thanks!

DCS said...

Any time, Goddess. BTW, I always have a blast whenever I visit you.