Wednesday, October 12, 2005

For President under duress, body language speaks volumes

Examining Bush's nonverbal skills

Fidgety. That's one way to describe how President Bush looks these days as he battles one crisis after another. Among them: the hurricanes and the resulting fallout; the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, trusted advisor Karl Rove, and two GOP congressional leaders; and the war in Iraq. Columnist Dana Milbank takes a closer look in Washington Sketch.

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AsianSmiles said...

Oh boy.. I would never want to be in his position, ever!

While it is true that he is bombarded left and right with criticisms, I wonder how many of them really want to do The president's job. LOL.

DCS said...

AsianSmiles, for the life of me, I cannot understand why ANYONE would want to be President. Your every move is scrutinzed. If you so much as sneeze, the the media is reporting about it. You are right, sis. It is easy for the rest of us to sit back and be critical. But how well would WE respond if we were under similar pressure??

That said, the Bush administration DOES make for a wonderful case study in media relations and public relations. Perhaps later I'll do a post on best practices in nonverbal communications.

AsianSmiles said...

Similar pressure? gee. i cannot even imagine. I did see a headline one time when Bush' note about going to a toilet! Gosh, just because he is the Pres of a superpower nation doesn't mean that he isn't human anymore - lols.

Re non-verbal communications,
that would be fun, sis! Will look forward to it...! And pls allow me to cross-post the page link in my blog ... please..?


Deb S. said...

AsianSmiles, I saw the same headline about the President and the toilet. I thought it was amazing.

I'll post something soon on nonveral communications. You are always welcome to cross link. I appreciate your continued interest and kindness.