Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Brand blogs capture the attention of the business world

Informal network of consumer opinion may be emerging

Some companies are starting to pay attention to blogs dedicated to brand-name goods. For these bloggers, intertwining their personal stories and commentaries gives them a stake in defining the brand's image while linking them with fans of similar mind across the country.

Some writers almost seem to worship their favorite products. For instance, Darren Rovell not only blogs about Gatorade. He wrote an entire book about the sports drink! But Rovell says he tries to balance the positive with the negative. So is brand blogging the beginning of a new trend? Check out Tania Ralli's story in the New York Times and decide for yourself.

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1 comment:

Rose said...

Are they paying? Well, I can't think of anything someone else made that I would blog about like that. Well---maybe my shoes, no I like too many types.