Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The blogs are coming!

Yahoo expands its news search to include what it calls "grassroots journalism"

Some 750,000 blogs and other user-generated content will soon show up on Yahoo News search pages. This new venture will be a supplement to traditional media offerings. This experiment will test the public's appetite for information from alternative sources. Google launched its own blog search last month. For more information on Yahoo's online search tool, check out stories from The Associated Press and Forbes.com.

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Rose said...

I hear stories about the world of blogging everyday. It is amazing. Here in St. Louis a young man 18 who was suicidal killed a 16 old girl that he was in love with but she only wanted to be friends. He killed her and the police is using his blog as evidence. Apparently he blogged about how distraught he was and how dejected she made him feel. I say this to say that blogging is getting or is very popular. So I see why everyone is so interested...

DCS said...

What a sad story coming out of St. Louis. I am not surprised that blogging is being used as evidence in certain situations. People who blog about their jobs need to be careful. Some people have been known to be fired when they went public and got personal about their discontent with their employers.