Sunday, October 02, 2005

Back to school for Katrina children

Hugs before homework

At Mayfair Elementary in Baton Rouge, things are still a bit disorderly -- there are only two computers, and the makeshift offices are filled with constantly arriving boxes of materials -- but the school has become a bustling center of learning for nearly 200 children who need stability. Mayfair is one of two schools for Katrina evacuees in the East Baton Rouge Parish District, and part of a growing legion of efforts in Baton Rouge and around the country to help one subgroup of Katrina evacuees: children. Details:

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Shirazi said...

The way I see this. it is a story that touches deep.

Deb S. said...

I agree. Thank you, Shirazi.

Rose said...

What a feel good story. Thanks.

Alina said...

It's great seeing things getting back to normal. I just wish things moved this fast in Romania after the floods. Here it always takes more time...We should follow this example I guess.