Thursday, September 29, 2005

Swimming in an ocean of media

Technology's effect on American culture

A new study lays to rest the notion that only young people multitask when it comes to media. Details about the media "ecosystem" that appears to be impacting many Americans:
How is this multimedia age affecting you?

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Rose said...

More people are multi-tasking. Because of this ability-I feel that I can get more done-yet sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed.

AsianSmiles said...

Hm. There was a time when I stayed too long on the internet everyday and was too engrossed with chatting and browsing. When I had to do my groceries, I was stunned to see "too many" people. Got dizzy and finished my errand as fast as I could.
Later that night, I realized that the crowd was "normal" compared to the days that I went shopping before that day.

It was then that I realized that the internet is grabbing my social skills. I had to lay low.

As always, great topic and nice post.

Shirazi said...

The addition of the Internet to the media has renewed interest in the phenomenon of multi taking and in a syndrome of information overload syndrome. May be finding equilibrium in usage is still the answer. What comes to mind after reading this apt post pointing to an article is wide digital divides that still exist.

Deb S. said...

Rose and AsianSmiles: I have had similar experiences to yours. Balancing is certainly a challenge.

Shirazi, I am glad you raise the issue of the digital divide. I started researching this issue a few years ago, and I continue to follow it. A divide definitely still exists. I enjoy reading research about educational institutions and other organizations that are working successfully to close the gap.

To everyone: As always, thank you for your insight.

George Hari Popescu said...

I do all the things faster than before: eating, reading, writing, talking. For me, technology and the Internet are a bliss. I'm really happy that I'm living in the information age and I'm especialy excited because new things happen every day. And I also have the privilege to write about them in national publications.

Deb S. said...

George, it seems that you and I are alike in some ways, especially when it comes to doing things faster. I have a daughter who is constantly telling me to slow down. If you ask my daughter, she will probably tell you that my brain is in my fingertips - and that in one sentence, I am talking about three different topics at once.

My daughter and I talked about this very subject this morning as I took her to school. She joked that she just looks at me until I start making sense again. LOL
At least she is more diplomatic than my son. I get a cue from him right away that I'm going too fast. He starts rolling his eyes. :-)

My friends tell me that they just let me go on. They say they know that I'll eventually "come back." Perhaps my conversation is like jazz. Perhaps I am ADHD. I can assure you of one thing: I will not be seeking a diagnosis from my doctor. I'm not going there!

BTW, keep us posted about your writings in national publications. I'd love to read your work.