Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reap Financial Rewards While Blogging

Share Your Opinions AND Make Money

Serious about blogging? Looking for a source of revenue while you enjoy online journaling? Discover the financial rewards of blogging. Kim Komando's column in USA Today offers a great overview on the topic. In addition, the king of blogging, Shirazi, lists several online resources on his site, Light Within. Details:

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Rose said...

Okay since you and shirazi talk about the money you can earn blogging, I am going to investigate this more...

Deb S. said...

Rose, perhaps I need to stop merely reporting on this topic and look into it more myself. :-)
Seriously, though, I enjoy the clean look of my blog. I wonder if I would be happy with the site's appearance if it contained ads. A graphic designer friend of mine recently complimented me on the simple, uncluttered look of the site. Hmmmm.

Shirazi said...

Let me argue here: We all read newspapers, watch TV and as consumers learn about different products in the extensive ads we get to read and watch there. Who would know of Pepsi or Coca-Cola if they were not spending millions on their ads? Having Google Ads or any other affiliate program on your blog is your own choice but let me clear one thing: Wisely put, it does not clutter the blog. I have seen so many nice and substantial blogs with relevant ads that help enrich the contents of the blogs in more than one way.

Readers who want to Ad blind can do that with ease and those who find ads of use, interest and value can benefit. So, when are you both joining the club?

Deb S. said...

Shirazi, my friend, you argue well. Perhaps you are an attorney. Even if you are not, it is clear that you are a great at debating. :-)

Your argument makes a lot of sense. Perhaps I will pick your brain since you have demonstrated expertise in this area.

BTW, I have something to confess. When I first read your post, I said, "Shirazi is saying this, but he has no ads on his site." Then I took a look at your site again, as I do every day. Sure enough, I saw the ads. I never noticed them before, not even when you made the "AdSense" post. Your ads are so discreet. They blend in very well with your professional look. Of course, I laughed. OK, Shirazi, you win. LOL

Jackie said...

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Anyway, I like your blog and will proably be back.

Take care.