Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Is print media dead?

Electronic vs. print media

"Observing Reality by Reginald B" is the brainchild of Reginald B. Goodridge Jr. In a recent post, he articulates the differences between electronic and print media. Check out his post on this topic.
Reggie is another blogger who does an excellent job of posting commentary on world issues and current events. I recommend checking out his entire blog, not just the media post. And for those of you who are into creative writing, especially poetry, definitely visit Reggie's second web log. His creative endeavors take you on an intriguing journey.

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Rose said...

I prefer print media. I don't know, maybe I am just used to print, since I been reading since I was in my mothers' womb.

Shirazi said...

This just can’t be true. I will never be. Here are my reasons: Only a small part of the knowledge that has been created is online. Rest every thing is still in print. Only a small fraction of the population has online access, majority never will be. Only today my new book has come off the print. How can any one think the print media is dying?

Deb S. said...

Shirazi, calm down. :-)
Of course, I agree with you and Rose. Print media is far from dead. The public will always read. You and Rose can attest to that as authors.

Newspaper circulation may be down in the U.S. The fact that the public is increasingly relying on broadcast news plays a great role in this. With broadcast news, updates and breaking news are immediate. You cannot get that from hard copies of newspapers. However, as you know, more and more newspapers now have online versions. To offset their circulation losses, they are coming up with more ways to make people pay to read online content. New York Times Select (where the public must now pay to read columns) is just one recent example.

Broadcasting will never replace newspapers. Even though technology is revolutionizing how people get their news. Even with the advent of citizen journals, other forms of online writing and eBooks, there will always be people who will prefer to hold something in their hands. I am one of them.

Finally, Shirazi, congrats on the publishing of your new book!

Reggie said...

The question of print media dying is not about if, its more about when. At some very near point in history print media will be far eclipsed by the 'speed' of online knowledge consumption.

If I read [and I do] over 50 articles a day through RSS feeds and google, why would I purchase a printed newspaper from the New York Times? By the time I leave my home and buy a paper, the stories are pretty much dead.

Please remember, the revolution of print media began not because people wanted to read for enjoyment, its because they wanted to share knowledge through education, religion, etc.

The printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in c1450, as a means of mass publication and circulation of literature. The concept of the printing press was speed of knowledge dissemination and consumption. Exactly what the Internet is about, SPEED OF KNOWLEDGE DISSEMINATION.

Also understand that I love a good novel and also read for leasure which i much prefer be printed, but my time is so limited, I have also purchased digital books online so I can read small clips while working on documents [yuk]. Books will always, i hope, be in printed format, but what about strong printed circulation? I wrote that article to denote the difference in quality of uptake. Because we are overburdened with electronic media, it is refreshing and more of a quality experience to receive print/physical media.

And also remember, if Google, the Library of Congress and Wiki Books have their way, that small fraction of electronic media will very soon assimilate the larger portion of print media so that everything in [almost] any library in the continental US will be online, probably for free [or a small fee].

Good points by everyone...keep consuming knowledge :-)

Deb S. said...

Ahhhhh, it is Reggie, the man of the hour. :-)
Your points are well taken and are well articulated. May all of us continue to consume knowledge together. You are always welcome here. Thanks again for the post.